LearningRx Franchise Reviews

Lani Centeno | Verified Reviewer | May 02, 2017
I attended a training last month and it was such an incredible experience. It was very well planned balanced with presentations, small group sessions, a live trainer/student demonstration, practice rounds amongst ourselves, as well as interactions with those working the main center along with many others who flew in from other states. One of the most standout parts of the training was the live trainer/student demonstration, I learned so much from this hour of observation, I do wish there was another live session we could observe with another trainer/student. One takeaway was when the research was presented regarding the TBI/MRI scans and hearing the stories behind how training has drastically benefited these clients lives. It was so nice to be with a community of individuals, hearing their stories and seeing just how passionate they are about the work they do and how it is helping so many in the community. The staff was very welcoming, so pleasant to speak with and learn from. I am so thankful for the outstanding training.
Shanice H | Verified Reviewer | May 02, 2017
It was awesome to meet and engage with different trainers and owners from all over. Everyone was very open and willing to offer any suggestions that may help. Sessions were very organized and information well presented!
Carla S. | Verified Reviewer | May 02, 2017
I attended the two-day intensive and came away with piles of notes and suggestions to implement in our center as well as in my own training. I loved all of it, but my favorite part was being able to ask questions of the trainers and get their input immediately. I loved the open door feel and the willingness of all involved to make the training as fun and beneficial as possible.
Corey Colburn | Verified Reviewer | Apr 27, 2017
Great intensive training - I learned a lot and I'm already using new techniques with my students. The sessions were well organized, fun, and questions I didn't even know I had were answered.
LeAnna L | Verified Reviewer | Apr 26, 2017
Awesome training! My staff and I are still talking about it and have been able to share many ideas with the staff back home. We felt welcome, encouraged and inspired.
Melanie Y. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 26, 2017
Overall my training experience was wonderful! I loved all the insight and felt “refreshed” after the intensive! Day 2 stood out to me the most because we did the training workshop rotations and were able to work in small groups with Amanda, Natalie and Karen. This allowed us to get a lot of specific questions answered and to be very hands on. The entire staff was very helpful and friendly and made me feel welcomed! I can't wait to share all my new information with my trainers in Raleigh!
Suzi Donovan | Verified Reviewer | Apr 19, 2017
Awesome training! We learned so much and are so excited to put what we learned into practice.
Suzi Donovan | Verified Reviewer | Apr 19, 2017
Attending this training and bringing 2 of my top trainers was the best decision. We all came home with so many new techniques and ways to make our sessions more intense, fun and productive. The home office team went above and beyond to ensure we all felt welcome. They even had special snacks for those of us with dietary restrictions! I loved the energy, their willingness to answer our questions and especially the fact that we all three came back to our center and were able to put things we learned into practice the next day.
B. H. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 13, 2017
My experience was packed full of information, interactive, and energetic! I learned something from each trainer - new approaches, techniques, and intensity level. I felt welcome and comfortable throughout the entire 2 day intensive training.
Dana M. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 13, 2017
The training experience at LearningRx was beyond exceptional. The staff was warm and welcoming. Training was intense, but interactive so you were always engaged. I cannot find just one or two key takeaways, I have two days worth of invaluable information!
Kay C | Verified Reviewer | Apr 12, 2017
As a medical professional I have attended multiple continuing education courses. LearningRx two day intensive course was top notch! The trainers and staff were professional, knowledge, and personable. Karen, Amanda, Kim, and Natalie are passionate and are definitely experts in the field of cognitive brain training. I came away from this training with a toolbox full to use in my training in Boise LearningRx center. Thank you for a great experience!!
Amber Conover | Verified Reviewer | Apr 12, 2017
A two-day training intensive that was very intense. It was great looking at the art of training, imbedding skills in students, and overall life application of the awesome LearningRx programs into student's lives.
Andrew R. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 12, 2017
I attended the intensive training and, was really happy with my experiance. The great trainers had amazing tips and took time to answer everybody's questions. I really enjoyed the role play and interactions.
Lola J. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 03, 2017
LearningRx Franchise Training was detail, fun and in all a great experience to set any franchisee up for a great success. The corporate office staff and trainers provided every piece of information needed to deliver the life changing LearningRx programs in our communities. We were provided with useful information on delivering an effective LearningRx program training, all materials, on going support from corporate office and multiple channels of quality control for an outstanding client's experience. Every member of the Franchise training team is awesome! Dr. Gibson, Kim Hanson, Tanya Mitchell, Katie Kemp, Dean Tenpas, Melody Norris, Susan, Stacie, Natalie, Amanda, Karen, Dabney and other wonderful staff members are warmly and inspiring. I am happy to be a part of the LearningRx family and set to changing lives in my community through LearningRx Brain Training programs. If there is no LearningRx Center in your community, as a parent of a LearningRx client (my son) who has benefitted from LearningRx Brain Training life changing values, I encourage you to become the life changer in your community.
Lola J. | Verified Reviewer | Apr 03, 2017
LearningRx franchise recruitment process is detail and thorough! As a previous parent of LearningRx student and now a franchisee, I am happy to see how much of effort is taken by LearningRx corporate office to ensure that LearningRx Franchise License is issued to only to those that qualifies to follow through the live changing process and are passionate about changing lives in their community. Katie Kemp, Tanya Mitchell and every member of the recruitment team were very honest to the dots about the LearningRx Franchise, what to expect and what not to expect. I am happy to be a part of LearningRx Family, committed to changing lives in my community and beyond.
Elva Norred | Verified Reviewer | Apr 03, 2017
LearningRx - Franchise Development was a great experience. Dr. Gibson, Kim, Tanya Dean, and all the staff were so personable and welcoming. The knowledge and experience from all the presenters provided me so much confidence to move successfully with LearningRx. It was a comprehensive and extensive training but well worth it!
Darci S. | Verified Reviewer | Mar 29, 2017
The LearningRx franchise training was a very upbeat and positive experience. The session facilitators were friendly, knowledgeable and adaptable to the needs of the group. The other franchisees and their staff were a great group to get to know. I can how it is challenging to cover the diversity of needs of all the franchisees such as what all a totally new center opening needs vs. those buying existing centers as well as the differences in micro, rural and full centers. The facilitators did a good job of recognizing those and tailoring answers when appropriate. I look forward to seeing this group again at convention this summer.
Robyn C. | Verified Reviewer | Mar 29, 2017
I really love all the people at LearningRx. They are helpful, encouraging, inspiring, and give good feedback for every aspect of the business. Franchise training was comprehensive, detailed, and fun. We worked hard, but enjoyed the process along the way. LearningRx has great ideas and processes from marketing, to training clients, to administration, to hiring and training trainers.
Gregory H. | Verified Reviewer | Mar 27, 2017
Franchisee training at the Home Office was wonderful! Everyone involved was very responsive and helpful. The curriculum was well thought-out and logically ordered – they have modeled training around how the business flows, which is incredible important! Attendance is critical; I highly recommend it for all LearningRx Executives, Center Directors, and staff.
Nicole B. | Verified Reviewer | Jan 03, 2017
The LearningRx staff did an excellent job facilitating our training. My staff and I (4 of us) enjoyed a memorable and informative week of training at the Home Office. Each day was an engaging learning experience that included hands-on review of materials and plenty of time to practice techniques. The facilitators were knowledgeable and approachable. They took time to thoughtfully answer questions without hesitation. The support and hospitality of the LearningRx staff was clear from the beginning and extends beyond the training. They remain responsive and approachable, and are a pleasure to work with.
Nicole B. | Verified Reviewer | Jan 03, 2017
My staff and I (4 of us) enjoyed a memorable and informative LearningRx training at the Home Office. The training was extensive and well organized. Multiple staff members facilitated and were present throughout the week. Each day was packed with information and hands-on review of materials and techniques. There was a good balance between lecture and activities, which made for an engaging learning experience. The facilitators took time to thoughtfully answer all questions and provided us with lots of time to practice various skills. The LearningRx staff is a cohesive team, and they welcomed all who attended with open-arms. Everyone was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. This was our staff’s first time traveling to Colorado. The lodging and sightseeing recommendations we received provided us with excellent staff bonding opportunities and a chance to explore the beauty of Colorado Springs. The support and hospitality of the LearningRx staff extends beyond the training. They remain responsive and approachable, which is very much appreciated.
Jamey N | Verified Reviewer | Nov 29, 2016
Franchisee training at the Home Office was a great experience! The staff was so incredibly hospitable and informative. I learned so much, not only from the actual training, but also from conversations with the other franchisees. The structure of training and the resources provided made for an excellent learning experience. Not only were thing taught well, but they provided us with all the notes and slides--that I tend to reference every once-in-awhile. I definitely enjoyed my time in Colorado Springs! Since training the support team has demonstrated the same level of accommodation, they are always extremely helpful and very sweet.
Whitney Meyer | Verified Reviewer | Nov 28, 2016
LearningRx franchise training was a very intensive, detailed training of everything a franchisee would need to know about opening their own training center. The Home Office staff in CO Springs did a fantastic job of making sure every person felt welcomed (the endless snacks and coffee helped A LOT) and they took the time to thoroughly answer every question we had. The structure of training, as well as the high level of professionalism from the entire Home Office team, made a very enjoyable experience. Since completing franchise training in July 2016, the on-going support has been phenomenal. One of the best parts of being a LearningRx franchisee is the Home Office support staff and other franchisee mentors who are always willing to help you be successful. I always find excellent advice and direction, no matter what the need. While LearningRx training was and is not "easy", it has been unbelievably rewarding to own I business where I change lives for a living.
Amber Conover | Verified Reviewer | Nov 18, 2016
Franchise training was a very thorough and comprehensive training. It was a very positive environment. All of the training touched on all the different aspects of owning and running a franchise as well as the programs themselves. I also appreciate the concern and time taken in addressing sound financial business practices. The support following the training has been equally valuable and is very much appreciated as well.